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Marshall Art Studio: Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday

iFriday: Geeky Web Trick

Tech Talk

Adobe Illustrator + Painter. Screenshot from BBEdit

Geeky Web Trick: Counting Your Comrades

Ever wonder how many other iFridaynistas there are out there, like you, toiling away their talent for intangible gain? If you've got a web editor like BBEdit or Dreamweaver, here's an easy way to find out:

  1. Click here
  2. On the left navigation column, right-click to "View Frame Source", save to your local desktop
  3. With your favorite web editor, open your local copy in "code view"
  4. Search for "img src="thumbs/" (this string is unique to each artist's thumbnail)
  5. Click "Find All"

That should do it! The search result should produce a line like "fooNUMBER occurances of "img src="thumbs/" found ..."! For an accurate assessment, do this late Thursday night or early Friday morning. Last time I tried, there were just over 500.

Comments So Far ...

Blogger JO says:

Great illo, I would be intimidated to try this. Computer illiterate that I am. Permanent Link


Blogger Tina Poe says:

Yay, I love coding, so therefore I love geekiness! Great illustration, it's perfectly laid out! Permanent Link


Blogger Twisselman says:

Yes, this is a geeky thing to do... geeky, but cool. The guy in the big horn-rimmed glasses seems to be enjoying it. You've put some good thought into this. I like the html-coded background, too. Permanent Link


Blogger Clau says:

Very nice illo!
Hehehe, Im too tempted to try it...maybe next time... Permanent Link


Blogger biteyourowntail says:

Like this illo, the html background is great. Shame I don't have a web editor :-/ Permanent Link


Blogger SLW says:

I love your use of text and the screen shot. Nice Illustration! Permanent Link


Blogger sdra says:

hello, thank you for your comment, we have similar blackgrounds, but yours seems much more dificult of resolving. Congratulation for your draw. Permanent Link


Blogger Alex daina says:

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What the Heck is Illustration Friday?

Think of it as a voluntary, client-free playground for illustrators. A topic is posted every Friday morning. Participants from around the world create, post and share their interpretations.

No Client? Why Bother?

At this stage of my career, I need a weekly public exercise to draw anything at all.

Freshness Dating

Unless otherwise stated, my iFriday work is all-new, created soley for that week's theme. Other Freshness categories include:

  • Repurposed
    Old art, lifted straight from the archives with no current modifications
  • Refurbished
    Previously-viewed art, modified and enhanced for current times
  • Alt Theme
    Past iFriday themes, presented when I have nothing for the current week's theme

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"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."
-- Andre Gide

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