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Marshall Art Studio: Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday


Tech Talk

Corel Painter IX, Gouache tool. From start to finish, this probably took 3 hours to "finish".

I'm Baaaaack ...

I've been to busy with career and family stuff to iFriday lately, but it's never been far from my mind. My trusty Wacom tablet died, and didn't get replaced until last month. And truthfully, some of the iFriday themes haven't been that exciting to me. However, waiting around for the perfect theme to roll around was sounding more like an excuse as the months rolled on.


This illustration depicts a very specific breakup situation. Probably too personal to bring up here.


I noticed a lot of romantic interpretations of this week's theme. Seems like I haven't been gone a long time.

Comments So Far ...

Blogger Tina Poe says:

Love the movement in the figure and the colors! Permanent Link


Blogger Terry Border says:

Wow! Ha!! So, I guess you put your heart on ice until you were able to drive to the hospital and have it reattached? Permanent Link


Blogger Unknown says:

Ah, not a rejection from IF - of course not, they didnt reject catwoman's spanking...

Well its nice to have you back and proliferating. Permanent Link


Blogger Brine Blank says:

Been there and done that...although never by a red head...not for lack of looking mind you...nice job with the heart and goo...Was wondering where you went to (I took about a 5 week break because of end of year stuff and my kids...I had the ideas drawn out on envelopes but never got around to drawing the final napkin stage)...keep your chin up... Permanent Link


Blogger Absolutely Small says:

Fantastic! Permanent Link


Blogger aeneadellaluna says:

Such a nice take on the topic! I like the scene you captured it really well! Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

Ouch! Looks like a lot of Personal Feeling in this one! A great cover for a Romance/Horror comic-book hybrid. You're no Dave Stevens, but I'm always surprised to find that you draw Really Hot Women (like French movie stars, they're sexy but accessible).

However, your lighting is inconsistent. Your Dave-surrogate has his head and neck in a dark noir-ish shadow, very good, very dramatic....which doesn't affect the rest of his body! Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

Jebus, Dave Marshall. All I need to say is, we love a Dave Marshall in our coffeeshop. There's another thing -- all men are assholes and all women are fucked up. And another, I distrust men, but I distrust women further. Let me know if I can ever sneak you a free coffee and pie. Permanent Link


Blogger JO says:

Dave, this is a bad break-up. Now that's rejection!! Glad to see you back. Permanent Link


Blogger Nancy Bea Miller says:

Yeeowch! Hope he gets it back in place eventually. Great piece! Permanent Link


Blogger Twisselman says:

Yowzah! You're right... this topic did bring out some painful memories/thoughts. Good job... but OUCH! Permanent Link


Blogger ElizT says:

Gad! Heart transplant without anaesthetic!
[Thanks for your nice comment] Permanent Link


Blogger Catnapping says:

ouch! i hate it when that happens! Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

WOW!! Although surely borne from the misery of the artist, it is a brilliant image excellently executed. really terrific. Permanent Link


Blogger Unknown says:

ME AND MY LOVER.........



Blogger caiyan says:

a Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

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