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Marshall Art Studio: Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday


In addition to creating new art, I also decided to adhere to the following self-imposed criteria:

  • Place the scene in the Central Square neighborhood of Cambridge MA
  • Not use cartooning's "motion lines"
  • Teach myself to use Corel Painter's watercolor tools
  • Refer to last week's "ghost" theme (I feel guilty for repurposing)
  • Get it done over the weekend

Now that it's finished, I think my color needs more planning and sophistication. Here's to getting more practice!


This one's a multimedia experience. Yes, I remember what I said about repurposing. This week's theme -- being too good to pass up -- was right inline with an unpublished comic book story I did a few years ago. Do you agree, or am I stretching? You be the judge! Online Slideshow | Downloadable PDF


The speaker is a CEO of a "fictional" company, running a company-wide presentation as a video conference. He's using a bunch of charts and projections to justify yet another round of layoffs. The "trouble" is that I have two weeks to find a new way of supporting myself. Why to the grunts always get RIFed while the six-figure salary guys get raises?


Both photos were taken of me working in the 1369 coffee house in Cambridge MA. The first one was five years ago, when my son was just an infant. The bigger photo was taken this year.

What the Heck is Illustration Friday?

Think of it as a voluntary, client-free playground for illustrators. A topic is posted every Friday morning. Participants from around the world create, post and share their interpretations.

No Client? Why Bother?

At this stage of my career, I need a weekly public exercise to draw anything at all.

Freshness Dating

Unless otherwise stated, my iFriday work is all-new, created soley for that week's theme. Other Freshness categories include:

  • Repurposed
    Old art, lifted straight from the archives with no current modifications
  • Refurbished
    Previously-viewed art, modified and enhanced for current times
  • Alt Theme
    Past iFriday themes, presented when I have nothing for the current week's theme

Mission Statement

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."
-- Andre Gide

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