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Marshall Art Studio: Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday


In addition to creating new art, I also decided to adhere to the following self-imposed criteria:

  • Place the scene in the Central Square neighborhood of Cambridge MA
  • Not use cartooning's "motion lines"
  • Teach myself to use Corel Painter's watercolor tools
  • Refer to last week's "ghost" theme (I feel guilty for repurposing)
  • Get it done over the weekend

Now that it's finished, I think my color needs more planning and sophistication. Here's to getting more practice!

Comments So Far ...

Blogger claudine hellmuth says:

great illo! Permanent Link


Blogger Michelle Lana says:

Very cool....great detail! Permanent Link


Blogger Unknown says:

Great wind piece! Permanent Link


Blogger studio lolo says:

My husband asked if anyone used Casper yet...way cool illo!!! Permanent Link


Blogger Suzan says:

Now that is windy! Great job! It looks fabulous. Permanent Link


Blogger steve says:

Wow--this is awesome! Great work Dave. Permanent Link


Blogger AstridMueller says:

Hey Dave! That's very powerful, you have great work!
Cute ghost by the building, wonder if he's responsible for that wind? ;-) Permanent Link


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