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Illustration Friday


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Art Speak Sometimes, you don't have to draw a damn thing. This "found art" approach is a return to my art-school roots. Like most of my work of that period, I have no idea what this drawing actually means. It probably says more "coffee stain" than "buzz".

iFridaynista All new art, a direct -- if somewhat addled -- response to the assignment.

Comments So Far ...

Blogger Brine Blank says:

Pretty creative and funny take! Always nice to see such contraptions...there is a guy on they posted in the past day or so that uses objects with his illos...there is a great clint eastwood up as a sample... Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

oooh good idea! i was thinking of the coffee stain route, too, and was hoping id see one! Permanent Link


Blogger Joji says:

that's cool. wish i'd thought of that. Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

very creative and i love it! Permanent Link


Blogger Digital Scott's Illustrationblog says:

I like it! For what that's worth... Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

that's cute. Permanent Link


Blogger Unknown says:

Just post anything, ignore the theme, that's my opinion. So there. Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

"Coffee House" is fantastic conveying so well the effect of one too many expressos. The brain is on fire while the reality of the background pales. Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

"Coffee Stain" for some reason is nostalgic reminding me of years in the 60s and 70s spent in coffee houses just kind of day dreaming or staring out at nothing or doing whatever instead of anything more demanding or responsible- mental doodling.
this is good work. bravo. Permanent Link


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