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Marshall Art Studio: Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday


Lame-ass Caption: Apple gets serious about software piracy. (If you folks come up with a better one, I'll post it).

Media Awareness: All-new art, rendered in Corel Painter's Acrylic tools. No glazing, one-layer, no research. I'm getting better at the modeling, but can't pull it off consistently. I'm aiming for clarity first, style consistency second. To be honest, I spent so much time rendering, I can't tell if the drawing is funny anymore. The thumbnail was funny enough ...

Comments So Far ...

Blogger Brine Blank says:

Before I read the caption I saw that and it brought the pain of my own lappy going haywire last week. Just out of curiousity...could you post the thumbnail? It's always nice to see where the work originated (and I just posted a bit dealing somewhat with your 'fears'...sometimes the computer takes so long vs. traditional media you can feel like you are 'overworking'a piece and something can get lost in the translation...) Permanent Link


Blogger John Coulter says:

Excellent. I like the way the muscles and clothing are rendered. Kind of Thomas Hart Benton-ish.
very cool! Permanent Link


Blogger Digital Scott's Illustrationblog says:

A beautiful style, and very clear composition! And a really terrific idea! The only thing I'd say is his arm and hand (the punch receiver...) seems a little to big comparatively. This has a beautiful painterly quality! Well done! Permanent Link


Blogger Vern Mercado says:

cool image. i feel like that sometimes. Permanent Link


Blogger Dave M! says:

to Brine Blank: Getting the thumbnail's a bit more involved than it should be. This IF drawing is a recreation of one of my old freelance illustrations. The commissioned version was done rendered as vector art, but the thumbnail sketches are traditional marker-on-paper. I'd have to turn the house upside down in hopes that it didn't get trashed in one of my many moving purges. As a part-time art teacher, I can see why you'd value the process drawings. While the ancient marker thumbnails may be gone, I still have the original published version. Can I send you that, plus the IF pencil (Photoshop) art. Would that help?

to John Coulter: Thanks for the reference. I hadn't seen Benton's work since my 1980s art student days. Looks like he had more of an impression on me than anyone'd've guessed. Thomas Hart Benton Links: University of Virginia Ernest Kramer Prints Naval Historical Center

to Digital Scott: You're right. I was aiming for a Jack Kirby exaggerated violence approach. Combining that 1960s Marvel Comics energy with the Thomas Hart Benton painterly approach is tougher than it looks.

to 2D Animator: Me too, usually when browsing at work. Thanks for stopping by. Permanent Link


Blogger Brine Blank says:

Thanks sir for the response...You sound like you have filing system like mine...I have multiple such filing systems lying around my apartment floor, bedroom, office, and a couple of closets. I'm slowly going through and filing the stuff. I would be more than happy to see the items you mention! If you don't want to post them, there is a link under my profile name you can mail them to. I really try to push the process for not only customer/client relations but also because it helps to keep a record of one's own progress and help to make one's own work better. Permanent Link


Blogger Unknown says:

HA ! HA !! COOL take!! Poor guy! Permanent Link


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