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Marshall Art Studio: Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday


Once again, I was able to create an original drawing, learn a new Corel Painter tool (gouche) and finish in one day. As a bonus, this is my very first crackhouse illustration.

As the weeks progress, I hope to simplify my approach to these exercises. The wonderful thing about this exhibit is see how others succeed in creating solutions that are simple, elegant and brilliant. (This doesn't account for the repurpose crowd!)

Comments So Far ...

Blogger Jeannetto says:

Congratulations on your first crackhouse illustration. Permanent Link


Blogger Unknown says:

nice painting! Permanent Link


Blogger Cez says: voice...wonderful Permanent Link


Blogger Michelle Lana says:

Cool work...great. Permanent Link


Blogger Ginger*:) says:

Your work in Painter is wonderful. This illustration has a power all its own. The colors, compostion and design are excellent. Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

Nice Job! Permanent Link


Blogger LittleMissMachete says:

very interesting illo. Permanent Link


Blogger Digital Scott's Illustrationblog says:

Your work is really terrific, and I enjoyed reading what you wrote in your sidebar. Compliments are nice, but I too value constructive feedback. In that vein, I would say I wish the colors were a little more restricted. For me, it seems like there are too many bright colors. I sometimes found that after I create an illustration I overlay a "colorwash" in Photoshop to mute and unify the colors. Lately I often find that Yellow Ochre type overlay gives me a nice unified set of colors. I will look forward to seeing your other work! Truly you are mightily talented. Permanent Link


Blogger Digital Scott's Illustrationblog says:

Oh, I was wondering if you've been in a crackhouse and if you used a photo to base your illustration? Permanent Link


Blogger Dave M! says:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Permanent Link


Blogger Dave M! says:

illustrationblog: Thanks for the feedback. No, I couldn't find a photogenic crackhouse in time. Therefore, I had to use reference. Actually, the reference material was way too detailed for my primitive drawing skills. Instead, I used giant dark-blue paint strokes and a half-ass attempt at painting a cracked window. Very convincing, yes?

Seriously, thanks for the color management hint. I've used that technique before, with really good results. Depending on the next theme, I should be able to spend more time drawing and less time on research. Permanent Link


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