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Marshall Art Studio: Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday


Artspeak Corel Painter, Acylic tool. Slight color manipulation in Photoshop. I love the technique, but it's taking way too much time. I'm either gonna have to go vector, or allot more time to finess the painting.

Content Cramming this week's theme with 1940s pinup art may seem a bit forced. My most recent entries, however, have been either way too serious or guy-centric. Hence, the throwback girly art. In my defense, the tradition isn't entirely without precident.

Process Most of my iFriday work -- including this week's -- is done in public at my favorite coffee house in Cambridge MA. Working on the saucier stuff sure generates a lot of discussion.

Comments So Far ...

Blogger Michelle says:

Very interesting interpretaion. Love the fire effect. Permanent Link


Blogger Michael R Fudge Jr says:

awsome work here! Great job on the illustration. Like the flames in the back ground. It's like milky fire. Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

Very nice. I like the mood, and the interpretation. Dark and sexy! Permanent Link


Blogger studio lolo says:

She's ssssssmokin' !! Permanent Link


Blogger Kelli Jensen says:

I'm loving the technique, looks great! Permanent Link


Blogger Brine Blank says:

and gotta get the nice job on the billowing smoke.... Permanent Link


Blogger Twisselman says:

Stunning work. At first I thought the lighting/skin tones were a little off, but I think she really matches the style of the WWII pinups. And I'm trying to read the subliminal message in the smoke... something there... just can't quite make it out.

Scrolled on down your blog and was really taken by the 'peace' and 'klansman' pieces.

Happy '07 to you. Permanent Link


Blogger nice lopes says:

Very cool! Thanks for visiting my blog1 Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

Boom. She said
Did anyone else hear that? :)
Very cool illo. love your works, and your thinking Permanent Link


Blogger Chio_Garu says:


What can I say but 'wow'?

Anyway, thank you for your appreciative comment on my blog.

(Yes, I do know the animated series was based on the comics, but certain aspects of my earlier environment seriously restricted marvel access) Permanent Link


Blogger Kay Aker says:

Beautifully done! Permanent Link


Blogger Cathy says:

This manages to be very sexy and seductive without being in the slightest bad taste - I guess it's the very suggestive expression!

Very skilful work! Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

Phoenix: Pinup

Dad Permanent Link


Blogger Digital Scott's Illustrationblog says:

Totally hot! Makes me think of the Varga girls! I'm in SF for Macworld and have browed some galleries here and there's one with two original Vargas! Permanent Link


Anonymous Anonymous says:

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